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George K. Mannickarottu popularly known as Mannickarottu is a writer who is credited with publishing the first Malayalam novel in America (1982); Jeevithathinte Kanneer (Tears of Life). He is the author of the Americayile Malayala Sahithya Charithram (History of Malayalam Literature in America). Mannickarottu is the recipient of the first literary award of Federation of Kerala Associations in North America (FOKANA) and India press club of North America (IPCNA).

My Books

My Books

  • Jeevithathinte Kanneer

    (First Malayalam Novel in America)
  • Agniyudham

  • Mouna Nombarangal

    (Short Stories)
  • Akalunna Bandhangal

    ( Short Stories)
  • America

  • Bodhadhara


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