George K. Mannickarottu popularly known as George Mannickarottu or just Mannickarottu is a writer who is credited with publishing the first Malayalam novel in America in 1982; Jeevithathinte Kanneer (Tears of Life). He is also author of the Americayile Malayala Sahithya Charithram (History of Malayalam Literature in America). Mannickarottu has received several awards for his literary works including the first Federation of Kerala Associations in North America (FOKANA) literary award and first India press club of North America (IPCNA) literary award. His first two novels Jeevithathinte Kanneer and Agniyudham were written while he was in North India but published after his immigration to the United States of America. Another novel, America, is a historical novel relating the Malayalee Community in America since its inception through a quarter century. For other literary works please see the list of books, and the title ‘position held’; for profile see ‘about me’